Real name: Matthew Michael Murdock
Occupation: Lawyer
Identity: Secret
Legal status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record
Place of birth: New York City
Group affiliation: None
Base of operations: New York City
First appearance: DAREDEVIL #1 Vol. 1

History: Young Matt Murdock saw a truck about to hit a blind man, and hurled himself in front of it. This good deed changed his life forever, when a can of radioactive waste fell from the truck, broke open, and irradiated Murdock. The accident blinded the young New Yorker, but also mutagenically heightened his other senses. He later met a martial arts master, Stick, who taught him how to use his newly augmented senses - and trained him as a fighter. Murdock went on to college, and fell in love with Elektra Natchios. When Elektra fled, Murdock threw himself into his law studies. When his father, a boxer, was killed by mobsters when he refused to throw a fight, Murdock sought justice in vain. Finally disillusioned by the legal system, Murdock assumed the guise of Daredevil. Further fueled to vengeance and crime-fighting by the death of Elektra, Daredevil uses his radar senses to forever seek justice, whenever his law degree fails him.

Height: 6 ft.
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red

Known powers: Daredevil possesses the normal human strength of a man his age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise. Daredevil's five sense are heightened to beyond that of even superhumanly enhanced sense. Although Murdock is blind, he can "see" by means of his "radar sense", which acts not unlike sonar. Daredevil is an Olympic level athlete and gymnast, possessing extraordinary agility, endurance, skill and balance. Daredevil's unique fighting style (a blend of ninjitsu, judo and American-style boxing) makes effective use of his Billy Club, which is used as both a baton and grappling hook.



Daredevil (Ultimate)

REAL NAME: Matthew “Matt” Murdock
KNOWN RELATIVES: Unnamed father (deceased)
GROUP AFFILIATION: Partner in Nelson & Murdock Law Firm
EDUCATION: Columbia University (undergraduate); unidentified law school
FIRST APPEARANCE: (mentioned) Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #6 (2001), (appeared) Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #7 (2001)

HISTORY: Blinded in his youth but somehow secretly gifted with enhanced non-visual senses, Matt Murdock also lost his father, murdered for refusing to go along a fixed fight. At university, Matt dated Elektra Natchios, whose friend Mel was raped. When the rapist, Trey, went free because of his father’s connections, Elektra threatened Trey and he hired thugs to burn down her father’s business. Matt forced the thugs to confess; implicating Trey; but Trey went free again and attacked Mel. Elktra trapped him, intending to kill him, but Matt intervened. Matt removed his mask to show that he trusted her, but Elektra told him it was too late. She cut Trey’s femoral artery and gave Matt a choice; save Trey from bleeding to death or go with her. Matt chose the former.

Matt and his friend Froggy Nelson interned at the firm of Summers and Lyall, where gunmen tried to kill Cullen, a mob bookkeeper turning States’ evidence. Matt switched off the lights and easily overcame them. Later, he learned that Cullen worked for Leander Natchios, cousin of Elektra’s father Dimitris, who was an unwilling part of Leander’s money laundering schemes. When Dimitris was wrongly arrested for Cullen’s murder, Matt worked with Elektra to learn the true killer was assassin Benjamin Poindexter, who had been sent by the Kingpin. Pointexter next targeted William Savage, Cullen’s attorney, who had been blackmailing the kingpin with a copy of Cullen’s ledger. Matt and Elektra drove Poindexter off, but not before he kill Savage; however, he left behind the ledge. Elektra sucker-punched Matt and traded the ledger to the Kinpin for her father’s freedom. Matt later confronted her with information showing that her father would have been cleared anyway.

Matt formed a law partnership with Froggy in Hell’s Kitchen and protected the area as the consumed Daredevil, encountering Spider-Man while persuing the killer vigilante known as the Punisher. Daredevil dismissed Spider-Man as too immature to be a crime-fighter. Months later, Daredevil reluctantly teamed with Wolverine and Spider-Man to protect Hell’s Kitchen from rogue Weapon X agents.

HEIGHT: 6 ft.
WEIGHT: 200 lbs.
EYES: Blue

SUPERHUMAN POWERS: Daredevil’s senses of touch, hearing, taste and smell are enhanced to superhuman levels. Combined, they form a “radar sense” replacing his sight.

ABILITIES: An accomplished acrobat and fighter, Daredevil is an Olympic-level athlete and gymnast. He also is a skilled attorney.

PARAPHERNALIA: Daredevil carries a Billy Club, disguised as a can in civilian garb.


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